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When founder Siddhi Mehta relocated to Switzerland, she fell in […]

When founder Siddhi Mehta relocated to Switzerland, she fell in love with the beautiful Alps, the unhurried pace of life, and the craftsmanship at the centre of every Alpine village. Swiss craftsmanship, especially in chocolate, was all about quality over quantity. It was about savouring a process rather than rushing to get it done.

It inspired her to launch Rhythm 108, where she could take this local artisan tradition and create a company where the delicious treats were as much a means of building close, real communities and preserving the environment.

She met 3 local chocolatiers and pâtissiers – Daniel, Marcel, and Julien, who became intrigued and joined the challenge.

Today, through their Swiss heritage, Rhythm 108 craft treats that are made slowly and by hand by a dedicated team of world-class Chocolatiers and Pâtissiers in their Swiss bakery.

Here at Rhythm 108, the ‘Swiss Rhythm of Life’ is in every aspect of what we do. I hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

The Meaning of the Name

The name was inspired by combining the Swiss rhythm of life and the number 108, often used in meditation to calm the mind.

Both are ode to Swiss quality and the culture of slow living.


Swiss Craftsmanship

The single most important element of the brand thoughtfully baked into every biscuit & bar


Natural & Known

Zero compromises on the quality of the products


A sign of regeneration

Care for the environment & building a community is at the core of everything



All treats are made with animal-free ingredients.

Life is like a circle: by respecting the whole cycle of life, you respect the earth, your health and your children to whom you will leave the Earth.

In 2016, a study from the University of Oxford found that if the world went vegan, it could save 8 million human lives by 2050, reduce greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture by two-thirds and lead to healthcare-related savings and avoid climate damages of $1.5 trillion.

Lower carbon emissions, no cruelty, less land used for grazing and more land available for rewilding. If your treat tastes the same (or better!), why not?


Ingredients are chosen with care.

Cooking with only organic ingredients makes Rhythm’s treats tastier, better for health and commits them to sustainable agriculture, which respects the environment.

Intensive industrial agriculture has become one of the biggest causes of ‘unhealthy soil’ – or soil degradation – and it has become one of the most unsustainable practices of modern civilization. According to Louise Baker, the external relations head of the UN body for desertification: “Industrial agriculture is good at feeding populations but it is not sustainable. It’s like an extractive industry.” She said the fact that a third of land is now degraded should prompt more urgent action to address the problem.

By contrast, the purpose of organic farming is to support healthy soil. This is so fundamental to our entire food system in the long run – without it, we couldn’t have the diversity of food we need to maintain our health and or the quantity we need to survive.
Rhythm’s philosophy has always been to support growers who have our health in mind and that of our planet.


For all gluten intolerant gourmets: you too have the right to soft and generous cookies, melting chocolate and praline, deliciously coated chocolate bar, biscuits to share or not…

That’s why all Rhythm 108 treats are gluten-free. Because it’s better when everyone can enjoy it.

Also, in relation to a commitment to sustainable agriculture and better public health, they have banned from their treats the most harmful ingredients for humans and nature. Palm oil in the first place, whose intensive agriculture massively accelerates the degradation of nature and the habitats of local species. It is replaced by natural fats that are better for health and the environment.

Their chocolate is also better for everyone: the coco is sourced with cooperatives in Peru and the Dominican Republic.


We know plastic is a problem. It’s ending up in our oceans. Polluting our land. And their business wants to make sure we are a part of the solution. They believe that composting is one of the most environmentally friendly solutions.

A combination of paper and readily biodegradable cellulose is used to wrap biscuits and cookies in fully plastic-free packaging.  Every detail from the inks to the adhesives used, is in line with compostable guidelines that allow the wrappers to decompose under the right conditions in a compost bin within 8-10 weeks.

As one of the first companies to work with compostable materials in the food sector in 2016, the packaging even won the Silver Medal in the Bio-Based category of the Sustainability Awards in 2017.

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