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Every morning is an opportunity for a new beginning. Healthier, […]

Every morning is an opportunity for a new beginning. Healthier, full of energy & free from artificial “wonders” of food technology. Simply choose what we have chosen — the natural.

Based in Latvia, home to many of the great ingredients put into the products.

Founded by Mārtiņš Vētra

Founding and running The Beginnings for a decade, Martins brings 10+ years of food industry experience. Among the very first to champion healthy food & balanced diet.

With all of the energy he has left after doing ironmans, he’s putting where it matters the most — creating products for good living.


This idea is carried through in every single product. Be it a single flax seed or a coconut, each ingredient used in a particular recipe should be whole food. That is — tasty and nutritious in its own right.

All products are:

Natural & Gluten Free
The products tick all checkboxes, to a point where dietitians(!) started to recommend them as a great way to snack — packed with nutrients, free from junk.

Whole Food & High Fiber
All our products are made using simple, whole-food ingredients The Beginning sources themselves. Tasty, nutrient-rich, familiar products you are eating every day.

Award-winning taste
The ambition to craft taste experiences earned the brand several Great Taste awards. Established by The Guild of Fine Food it’s the world’s most trusted seal of approval.

How it’s made – example Blakccurrant Raw Cookies

The original recipe dates back to 2010 and is arguably among the very first alternatives to flour-based cookies. Combined with the fact that ONE THIRD of the cookie is made of fresh berries puts them a mile above most brands. So let us unpack the ‘secrets’ behind its popularity.

First things first – the ingredients. Average cookie’s ingredients resemble more of a chemistry masterclass than a list, taking up a paragraph. The Beginnings manages with only FIVE: Blackcurrant, Coconut, Cashew, Agave Syrup and Apple.

With a list this short and this tasty the process just got to be as simple. Grind ingredients into a paste and mix everything together. It may seem like a stretch to call this a secret, but we are using top-notch industrial grinders to keep blackcurrant juices inside the pulp.

Blackcurrants, apples & cashews have lots of nutrients in them. To preserve vitamins and properties not only do you have to cut products properly you also need to prepare them exactly the right way. Spread thin on trays our cookies are dried for 24 hours at only 45 degrees celcius.

Yes, we do take our sweet time to ensure this cookie is the next best thing to a handful of freshly picked blackcurrant berries.

Unlike a handful of blackcurrant berries though, you can take a pack of The Beginnings cookies anywhere with you: be it a plane, a mountainous hike, a marathon or a business meeting.

So there you go. No flour, eggs or gluten, slow dried. Naturally, each & every flavour in raw cookie series is like that. Rigorously crafted.

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