Zotter Schokoladen Manufaktur is a family-run Fairtrade bean-to-bar chocolate manufacturer, carrying out the entire chocolate production process on-site: from roasting cocoa beans on rollers to grinding in the conche.

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    Cranberries in cranberry couverture, hazelnuts in hazelnut praline and dark chocolate, ginger in coconut couverture, pumpkin seeds in dark chocolate.

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    Here, Zotter turns Brazil nuts harvested from the wild into a sensual Brazil nut praline which melts into some purely plant-based rice couverture with a 50% cacao content and a hint of cinnamon. This praline bonbon is entirely vegan and gets its incredible melt from pure cocoa butter.

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    The luxury version of the original praline with some organic hazelnuts. A homemade hazelnut praline combined with a bit of dark chocolate with a 60% cacao content and a fruity cranberry couverture. It promises a fabulous melt and amazing hazelnut flavour – and to top it off, this delicious creation is all vegan.

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    Best before: June 2023

    Vegan Variety: Five cool drinks for a healthy taste adventure that is another step towards saving the planet.

    • Bitter Classic
    • Bird’s Eye Chilli
    • Cashew
    • Nut Nougat
    • Green Tea

    Five different varieties. One 22g bar per variety, 110 g.