Why Books and Cookies?

Let me tell you a story …

A few years ago I made some cookie dough to bake the next day. On this evening I was dumped and in the morning, crying and baking, I dubbed the outcome “Heartbreak Cookies”.

A lot of things happened before and after that as well, but somehow this memory came up while selling my old books, ‘Heartbreak’, and some chocolate chip “Happiness Cookies”, at an event in my garden.

Fast forward less than half a year and we have a shop!

So I guess you, lover of books and cookies, should be happy I was dumped.

Core Values

The things you can always count on to be true at Books&Cookies.

Love to Reuse!

That is why we, first of all, sell used books and secondly send all our orders out in reused packaging.

Plant Based

The founder of B&C is vegan. That’s why the cookies and sweets here are as well. And sometimes organic, gluten-free or all-in-one.


This is why we, among other things, ship with DPD, which offers carbon-neutral shipping.

Books&Cookies is located in Estonia and all packages are sent from here.

There is a tiny dream of a bookshop-cafe hybrid one day. If you are a motivated (future) cafe owner and would like to get in on the dream, let us know 😉