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Freely Handustry

Freely is a young French-Swiss food company, created by Marcel […]

Freely is a young French-Swiss food company, created by Marcel and Léa, who decided to take matters into their own hands and create the ultimate feel-good snacks.

Freely is made of carefully chosen all-natural ingredients, with the sole aim of bringing you deliciously satisfying Swiss-quality snacks.

The Freely Cookie Experts

Marcel and Léa are the specialists of the cookie in all its forms.

It is in a small workshop located on the banks of the Rhone that the first certified organic, vegan & gluten-free giant cookie of Switzerland was born, more than 4 years ago.

It is in the heart of the vineyards that Marcel and Léa have put down their whips and kneading trough to elaborate innovative, surprising, and, above all, delicious recipes.

Freely’s Philosophy

  • ORGANIC +95% of our ingredients are certified organic, respecting nature and your health.
  • SWISS MADE The products are developed in Geneva and produced with great care and attention.
  • SOURCE OF FIBRE Fibre is an essential part of any diet. It aides digestion and improves intestinal transit.
  • GLUTEN-FREE None of our snacks contain gluten. We use flours with a high nutritional content such as buckwheat and chickpea.
  • VEGAN Our snacks are free from dairy, eggs and all other animal-derived products.
  • SOY-FREE A controversial ingredient from an environmental and health perspective. For that reason, we avoid it.
  • NO REFINED SUGARS Processing sugar removes vitamins and minerals that leaves it lacking any nutritional value.

Freely Values


• Raw ingredients all meticulously chosen
• Natural plant-based ingredients
• Organic – it’s a must !
• No preservatives
• Nutritious recipes
• Freely snacks are free from many common allergens
• Control and traceability are fundamental elements of our products and processes


• Unique recipes that are free from preservatives and additives
• Original textures
• No comparable products available in Europe
• Reformulated recipes for more
flavour and goodness

Sustainable development

• The majority of the exotic ingredients are fair trade
• No palm oil or soy in our recipes
• Soon to be available in recycled packaging
• Zero waste: Freely donates all the broken biscuits to local associations such as Caritas, Les Restos du Coeur and the Geneva Food Bank


• Raise awareness of eating well
• Presentations on the subject of young enterprises & start-ups in collaboration with l’UNIGE (Geneva University)
• Sponsors of the 2019 ‘Marche de L’espoir’ organised by the Swiss ‘Terre des Hommes’