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Einhorn is a German company founded in 2015 that produces […]

Einhorn is a German company founded in 2015 that produces vegan condoms and organic menstrual products. With colorful and flashy designs, einhorn uses humor and creativity to break taboos and destigmatize sex education. Besides producing quality products, their mission is to create an economically successful, sustainable, and eco-friendly company that sets and promotes new economic standards.

einhorn co-founders Waldemar Zeiler and Philip Siefer

Co-founders Waldemar Zeiler and Philip Siefer transformed the condom from a pharmacy and supermarket niche product into a lifestyle product that is sold at well-known drugstores and organic supermarkets in Germany and abroad. Sustainability and social responsibility have been at the heart of their mission from the start. The co-founders established the first organic latex plantation in Malaysia, and 50% of the company’s profits are spent on non-profit projects or are reinvested in research, product development, and sustainability projects on the plantations. 

Einhorn products are manufactured and packaged fairly and sustainably. The company supports “fairstainability” and regenerative agriculture practices with its partners. Einhorn produces and uses ecologically manufactured packaging and aims to keep plastic packaging to a minimum.

Vegan condoms?

Yes, einhorn condoms are vegan. “Meeeh??” That means no animal ingredients and by-products are being used in the process of making them. Some condom manufacturers do use an animal ingredient – the milk protein casein – as a lubricant. einhorn only uses natural plant-based lubricant.

They also don’t use animals in the development or testing process – all condoms are tested electronically.


Fairstainability doesn’t mean just collecting different certifications and eco-labels. einhorn is on a mission to integrate the fairstainability criteria to the whole life cycle of an einhorn condom – from the latex plantations to customers – to make it as fairstainable as possible. It is a long-term project that starts with taking action, step by step: creating fair working conditions for everyone involved in the value chain, researching and increasing the biodiversity in the plantation, preventing the use of harmful pesticides, keeping the CO2 emissions as low as possible…

Safe Sex is Cool!

Buying condoms should never be embarrassing – don’t we do it to have sex? Why do the condom packages have to look like medical products, placed between unsexy items like sanitary towels and toilet paper? einhorn decided to design a package that you no longer have to camouflage with a chip bag – einhorn condoms come in a chip bag instead.

Various styles are made in collaboration with different designers and photographers.