My Love Story by Tina Turner

I think most people know something about the life of Tina Turner. Maybe only that she was in an abusive relationship and started a solo career after that. Some have maybe seen the biopic with Angela Bassett. But there was so much more.

I have always liked Tina, but after reading the book just a few months before her death I went on a full-on Tina dive, and by proxy, Cher as well. The two of them remind me of my mom and her best friend in their youth (especially this photo) – one being tall, skinny, black-haired and kind of mysterious, the other shorter, with crazy hair and a vibrant personality.

Everybody needs to watch these two awesome women in action, btw:

But what (facts) did I learn from Tina’s book?

  • She was the same age as I am now when she left Ike and started her life again from scratch.
  • She had to work like crazy to finally at the age of 45(!) release her incredible first big solo studio album, Private Dancer.
  • She met the love of her life at 45 and got married at 73 and so had 37 beautiful years of love.

So, there is still hope for me as well. Though I am very far from Tina on the awesome spectrum of people. But the facts are only a small part of it. Mainly the book really was full of ‘strength, energy, heart, and soul’ and a great read for everyone who needs a dose of girl power.