‘Believe Me’ and ‘Help’

As a bit of a continuation of the Will Young book post. Here are two of my favourite LGBTQ+ memoirs. Both by Brits, like Will. But comedians, not musicians.

I adore Eddie Izzard and his comedy style. He is honest, funny and does a lot for good causes. Though I loved some chapters of the book a lot, I think I would have liked it more, if it would have been a bit more condensed. I trailed off quite a few times.

I first saw Simon Amstell on Never Mind the Buzzcocks and have not seen much of his other work but put the words comedy, tragedy and therapy on a book and I’m sold. Was a nice read – Simon’s story intertwined with outtakes of his stand-up shows. A nice approach that kept the book interesting.

Believe Me by Eddie Izzard
Help by Simon Amstell

Both, coincidentally, were first published in 2017.