The World Without (Half the) People

I’m not particularly a fan of people and their actions that destroy each other and the world. That’s one of the reasons why I especially like to escape our world by reading science fiction and watching superhero movies. Additionally, I enjoy reading and listening to scientific and philosophical books, which show what people are capable of when all that brain mass is put to good use.

Book or E-reader – That is the Question

A few years ago I had the great honour to write an environmental column for Müürileht– “an advocate of Estonian modern culture and contemporary thought currents, working for an open and diversity-supporting society.” One of the posts was about paper books vs. e-readers – a perfect fit for this little second-hand loving blog.

Top Ten: The Best Books According to 125 Writers

I love lists. I mean not as much as Rob Gordon or Amy Santiago, but still. So I was happy to find a book called The Top Ten: Writers Pick Their Favorite Books in a second-hand store in my hometown.

About fast fashion books. A rant in three parts.

Part 1: Heartbroken Environmentalist Some time ago I started to delve into the world of books on Instagram, where I see so many people happily posting the stacks […]