River Dog: A Journey Down the Brahmaputra


by Mark Shand

In River Dog, celebrated travel writer Mark Shand chronicles his attempt to complete the “last great Asian adventure.” Lively and evocative, it is a marvellous account of an epic journey and a touching portrait of the friendship between a traveller and his dog.



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The Brahmaputra is one of the world’s great rivers. Beginning as a tiny glacial stream in Western Tibet it flows through India and Bangladesh before gushing out into the Bay of Bengal. Unable to reach the northern part of the river due to Chinese intransigence, Mark Shand nonetheless set out to attempt what no foreigner had ever done: complete the huge journey from the unexplored jungles of the Indo-Tibet border to the largest river delta in the world. River Dog is a chronicle of that journey, a story encompassing sublime landscapes – in Assam where the River begins to broaden into its full majesty – and rather odd encounters – including a bizarre group of identical-looking gay monks in Majuli (the largest river island in the world). But it is also a celebration – of a river that flows with mystery and legend, the men who have set out to discover it and a rather charming canine travelling companion called Bhaiti.

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338 pages


First published May 2, 2002


Nonfiction, Adventure, Travel