Tyrant’s Test | Star Wars

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Star Wars: The Black Fleet Crisis #3

by Michael P. Kube-McDowell

In the wake of a shattered alliance, the New Republic fights a relentless new enemy in an all-new adventure in the bestselling “Star Wars” saga…


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Faced with an alarming image of Han as a battered hostage of the Yevetha, Chewbacca takes on an urgent mission. Meanwhile, Leia calls upon the Senate totake a stand and eliminate the Yevetha threat–even at the cost of Han’s life.As a former Imperial governor takes his battle to the runaway Qella spaceship, Luke’s continuing search for his mother brings him dangerously close to NilSpaar’s deadly forces. And as the Yevetha close in on the forces of the NewRepublic, Luke takes a desperate gamble with an invisible weapon…

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366 pages, 106x175x27mm


December 1st 1996 by Del Rey Books (first published 1996)


Fiction, Science Fiction

Tyrant's Test | Star Wars

Original price was: 5,00 €.Current price is: 2,50 €.

1 in stock