Home Stretch by Graham Norton

Continuing with the accidental “British gay entertainer turned writer” series. This time a chat show host and fiction for a change.

Graham Norton is charming, smart and funny and from watching his show it seems a lot of famous people would agree with that characterisation.

A few years back I discovered his first fiction book Holding at a reuse centre and was intrigued. It turned out to be a good read with thought-out characters and a story that hooked me from the start. So when I found his second book A Keeper on Raamatuvahetus, I had to order it. It was even better.

So of course I needed to buy his newest novel Home Stretch as well. And it did not disappoint. It continued in Norton’s style – a story of secrets, misunderstanding, love and guilt that haunts the characters over several decades and continents.

Though A Keeper is still my favourite of the three, I liked this one a lot for the same reasons I did the last ones – characters that I felt a connection to, well-timed and thought-out revelations in the plot, a balanced mix of tragedy and humour and the questions that the lives of the characters made me ponder.

If you happen upon one of Norton’s books, definitely give it a read!