Saving Planet Earth

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by Tony Juniper

Published to coincide with a major BBC1 TV series, this book combines stunning images with ways you can help to save planet Earth for future generations.

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The time is now . . .

There is no longer any question that our planet is in danger—or that human actions have been a primary cause. But how well do we, as individuals, understand both the far-reaching consequences of our actions and the varied threats that have led us to the brink?

This book is a wake-up call for every citizen of planet Earth: Now is the time to take action. We must stop our most harmful activities, find alternative methods and resources, and undo as much damage as possible—before it is too late. With compelling evidence and stunning photographs, Tony Juniper explains how the human race is changing (destroying) the planet by endangering species throughout the world, contributing to climate change, and plundering natural resources. But more importantly, this remarkable book also offers practical advice and real solutions to help reverse these dangerous trends. With the latest information and analysis, Saving Planet Earth will give everyone the knowledge and tools needed to protect our environment for future generations.Together, we can all save planet Earth.

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256 pages, 195x305x27mm


November 13, 2007 by Harper


Nonfiction, Environmentalism, Science