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Jimmy Jenner #4

by John Milne

Gangster Tommy Slaughter was ambushed in 1968, reputedly on the orders of a pimp. Thirty years later, private eye Jimmy Jenner is working on a divorce case.

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Jimmy Jenner has been working as a private detective since a terrorist bomb took both his leg and his job on London’s police force. He’s been hired to work on a straightforward divorce case, but the stakes are quickly raised. First someone tries to murder a man who resembles Jenner, then the subject of his divorce investigation is found dead in Epping Forest. Jenner soon realizes he’s the catalyst in these events. And so he begins to question his own past, particularly the accidental death of his brother Joe, 30 years earlier. Joe was a minor criminal, a peripheral member of the circle of South London gangster, Tommy Slaughter. Was Joe’s death what it seemed at the time? The answer may explain the violence now closing in on Jimmy Jenner.

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253 pages, 130 x 200 mm


October 1st 2005 by No Exit (first published October 12th 1999)


Fiction, Crime

Alive & Kicking


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