The Generous bakery offers a range of organic gluten-free hand-made cookies, baked in the finest Belgian tradition and doing it with no waste, fair trade suppliers, and an endless appetite for experimentation.

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    For such a small hero, Apple Boy has very big powers. He wants to free the world from dark moods and evil frowns that take over children’s foreheads. He saves most of his victims right after school, and just before homework, by throwing delicious apples wrapped in positively good stuff at them. No frown on the planet can handle so much goodness.

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    Life on this planet is not without danger. Unknown forces try to shut down your system in broad daylight. They pull your eyelids down, make your legs too heavy to run fast, or suck out your memory so you can’t think of any answers during a test. Fear not, because here comes The Chocolate Kid with his secret weapon full of cocoa and other unbeatable good stuff. Go go Chocolate Kid!

    Best before: August 2023

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    Individually wrapped organic, vegan and gluten-free cookie.