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  • 6,00 

    by Ben Goldacre

    Ben Goldacre masterfully dismantles the dodgy science behind some of the great drug trials, court cases and missed opportunities of our time, but he also goes further: out of the bullshit, he shows us the fascinating story of how we know what we know, and gives us the tools to uncover bad science for ourselves.




  • 7,00 

    by Ed Yong

    I Contain Multitudes is the story of these extraordinary partnerships, between the creatures we are familiar with and those we are not. It reveals how we humans are disrupting these partnerships and how we might manipulate them for our own good. It will change both our view of nature and our sense of where we belong in it.



  • 4,00 

    by Andrew Miller

    Born in the mid-18th century, James Dyer is unable to feel pain and becomes, in adulthood, a brilliant but heartless surgeon. On the way to St Petersburg, he meets a woman with magical powers who enables him to feel pain and his whole life is changed.
  • 3,00 

    by Arthur Hailey

    Master storyteller Arthur Hailey’s New York Times–bestselling novel takes readers behind the scenes of the billion-dollar pharmaceutical drug industry