Magical Realism

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    by Hiromi Goto

    Goto’s acclaimed feminist novel is an examination of the Japanese Canadian immigrant experience, focusing on the lives of three generations of women in modern day Alberta to better understand themes of privilege and cultural identity.

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    by Jonathan Safran Foer

    “Imagine a novel as verbally cunning as A Clockwork Orange, as harrowing as The Painted Bird, as exuberant and twee as Candide, and you have Everything Is Illuminated . . . Read it, and you’ll feel altered, chastened — seared in the fire of something new.” — Washington Post

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    by Toni Morrison

    Toni Morrison’s Song of Solomon, a novel of large beauty and power, creates a magical world out of four generations of black life in America.

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    by Siddharth Dhanvant Shanghvi

    Set in 1920s India, this magical debut novel tells the story of beautiful Anuradha, whose songs are spellbinding, but whose fate is troubled.