John Updike

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    by John Updike

    A deftly satirical portrait of life and love in a suburban town as only Updike can paint it.

    No one else comes even close to Heinlein in consistently fusing scientific thinking with fictional form.

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    Rabbit Angstrom #2

    by John Updike

    The assumptions and obsessions that control our daily lives are explored in tantalizing detail by master novelist John Updike in this wise, witty, and sexy story.


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    by John Updike

    On a spring day in Vermont, seventy-nine-year-old painter Hope Chafetz tells the story of her life to Kathryn, a young interviewer from New York.

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    by John Updike

    It is the year 2020. America has recently experienced a war with China, and social chaos and protection-racketeering prevail.