Educated by Tara Westover

I am always late to reading the super popular books because my to-read list is just too long and it is way easier to find classics in second-hand shops. But I was gifted Educated, so I got to this hit “just” four years after its publication*.

I do get why it was so popular.

I come from a line of depressed people and I know how nature and nurture combined can make it hard to break that line. It was fascinating though how nature probably gave this family a lot of potential, that was channelled into very different directions. I mean for half the children to have doctor’s degrees without having gone to school before they were at least teenagers, is incredible. And the other half, well, I guess they succumbed to the nurture.

So, though taking place in a whole different world, Tara’s story is very relatable, heartbreaking and told beautifully honestly. I enjoyed the book very much and hope those family members who chose a different life for themselves will give their children a better start. And maybe the next generation of those who stayed will be able to break free.

*And another year to post here 😀