Menopause: The One-Stop Guide


by Kathy Abernethy

Sensible and practical advice from an experienced specialist nurse.




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“A welcome addition to the range of material now available to help women understand their menopause.” ―British Menopause Society Medical Advisory Council

For many women, the menopause represents a time of hormonal upheaval and uncomfortable symptoms. The One-Stop Guide explains the changes which are occurring and advises on steps to make life easier. With clear information about recognising symptoms, getting help, treatment and staying positive, this guide will help those going through the menopause, and family members and friends who wish to better understand and offer their support. This book evaluates the most common approaches to the menopause and offers women all the information they need to determine whether medication or other forms of treatment will work best for them. Giving detailed information about the physiological and psychological effects of the menopause and its treatments, it allows women to make confident decisions about their health. Kathy Abernethy is an award-winning Menopause Specialist Nurse and chair of the British Menopause Society, with over twenty years of clinical experience in the field of menopausal health.

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