Insomnia: A Guide to, and Consolation for, the Restless Early Hours


by The School of Life, Alain de Botton (Series Editor)

A comforting and philosophical guide for the restless insomniac.

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Not being able to sleep is deeply frightening. We panic about the demands of the next day; we panic that we are panicking; the possibility of sleep recedes ever further as the clock counts down to another exhausted, irritable dawn.

This book is an elegant companion to console us through even the longest of sleepless nights. It provides an alternative to pills and medicine, instead offering tools to help us reflect on our sleeplessness, define it to ourselves and others, and understand where it springs from in human nature. We learn to be patient with ourselves and to speculate constructively about what our insomnia might-in its own confused way-be trying to tell us.

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56 pages


Nonfiction, Philosophy, Psychology, Self Help


November 5, 2019 by The School of Life