Chasing the Devil: On Foot through Africa’s Killing Fields


by Tim Butcher

On an epic journey that demands courage, doggedness and sheer luck, Butcher treks for 350 blistering miles through rainforest and malarial swamps to gain an extraordinary ground-level view of an overlooked region on the cusp of a remarkable recovery.



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The audacious, gripping travelogue of a writer chasing the ghost of Graham Greene into the heart of Africa.

Of all the anarchic and war-torn African nations, none is more forbidding than Liberia, the land that nurtured child soldiers, the violent trade in “blood diamonds,” even ritual murder.

Graham Greene, in search of extreme adventure, ventured through its dense jungles to write the travel classic Journey Without Maps; three-quarters of a century later, Tim Butcher decided to follow Greene’s footsteps, only to find the path even more ominous and overgrown than in his predecessor’s day. Among the devils he encounters are masked sorcerers whose magical powers depend on cannibalism and missionaries long forgotten in the hinterland he traverses.

Butcher, a former African correspondent for the London Telegraph and author of Blood River, his best-selling account of a dramatic journey through the Congo, has produced in this thrilling sequel a book that The Independent hails as “fascinating, harrowing, and eventful.”

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325 pages


April 28, 2011 by Vintage
First published September 2, 2010


Nonfiction, Adventure, History, Travel

Chasing the Devil: On Foot through Africa's Killing Fields


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