A year in Books | Single Reading Cards

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Readers gonna read. And write about it.

For lovers of books and keeping track of them.


A new and improved reading journal – one that has exactly the right amount of pages each year!

If you just want separate cards or have the A Year in Books set and are a few book cards short, here you can buy them separately. Choose between:

Reading List

This is your overview of all the books read in the year and an index for finding your notes on a specific book. One card has room for 25 books.

Book Review

Fill out as much as you want on the first side and use the dotted side for additional thought, drawings, math equations … Whatever you feel like. You can use it as a bookmark or keep it (and all the other ‘currently reading’ cards) in a visible space as a reminder to read the book. After you finish reading – gather them all together or leave the card in the book for the next reader to find it.


Have a moment at the end of the year to appreciate the books you read and yourself for having taken the time out of your busy life to learn something new or immerse yourself in a story.

Designed and printed in Estonia on 250g recycled paper. 

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Book Index, Book Review, Statistics


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A year in Books | Single Reading Cards

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