20th Century

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  • 15,50 

    by Ali Smith

    A sweetly memorable collection … A major talent

  • 12,90 

    by Charles Bukowski

    Mockingbird Wish Me Luck captures glimpses of Charles Bukowski’s view on life through his poignant poetry: the pain, the hate, the love, and the beauty. He writes of lechery and pain while still being able to find its beauty.

  • 5,00 

    by Ford Madox Ford

    “A Tale of Passion,” as its subtitle declares, The Good Soldier relates the complex social and sexual relationships between two couples, one English, one American, and the growing awareness by the American narrator John Dowell of the intrigues and passions behind their orderly Edwardian facade.
  • 3,00 

    by John Steinbeck

    As Nobel Prize winner Steinbeck chronicles their deeds—their multiple lovers, their wonderful brawls, their Rabelaisian wine-drinking—he spins a tale as compelling and ultimately as touched by sorrow as the famous legends of the Round Table, which inspired him.