Outer Space: 100 Poems


by Midge Goldberg

This collection reaches across time and cultures to illuminate how we think about outer space, and ourselves.

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Poets and astronomers often ask the same questions. Where did we come from? Why are we here? Where are we going?

Throughout human history, poetry has provided stories about what people observe in the sky. Stars, planets, comets, the moon, and space travel are used as metaphors for our feelings of love, loneliness, adventurousness, and awe. This anthology includes poets, astronomers, and scientists from the 12th century BCE to today, from all around the world.

Sappho, Du Fu, Hafez, and Shakespeare are joined by Gwyneth Lewis’s space requiem, Tracy K. Smith on the Hubble telescope, and Charles Simic, whose poem accompanied a NASA mission. Astronomers Tycho Brahe and Edmund Halley accompany modern scientists including Rebecca Elson, Alice Gorman on the first woman in space, and Yun Wang’s space journal on travel to Andromeda.

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Length: 196 pages
Dimensions: 205 x 136 x 17 mm


December 15th 2022 by Cambridge University Press


Nonfiction, Poetry, Science

Outer Space: 100 Poems


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