Less Stuff: Simple Zero-Waste Steps To A Joyful And Clutter-Free Life


by Lindsay Miles

Less Stuff is a guide for people who find it difficult to declutter and who don’t want to see things go to waste. Step by step, you’ll explore finding your ‘enough’, learn how to let go of your old possessions without sending them to landfill, and eventually break the cycle of stuff.

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When we consider how we love to spend our time, we don’t tend to think about sorting, cleaning or tidying. The mess and clutter filling our spaces impacts on our productivity, stresses us out and keeps us stuck. Our stuff stands in the way of the lives we dream about. But what about when it comes to throwing away all that stuff? After all, there is no ‘away’. Decluttering is great for our mental wellbeing, and when done right, it can be good for the planet too.


Lindsay Miles is an educator, speaker, author and passionate zero waste/plastic-free living advocate helping others live more meaningful lives with less waste and less stuff. She has been sharing ideas, tips, tricks and strategies on her website Treading My Own Path since 2013. Her first book, Less Stuff, was published in 2019 and her second, The Less Waste No Fuss Kitchen was published in June. Originally from the UK, Lindsay now lives in Perth, Western Australia.

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Published August 6th 2019 by Hardie Grant


Nonfiction, Self Help

Less Stuff: Simple Zero-Waste Steps To A Joyful And Clutter-Free Life


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